Violations Informs
Release time 2017-03-17

Sill bearing networkwork is committed to create a fair, just, open, transparent and open bearing website, we will resolutely fight for any corruption behavior.

Sill bearing networkwork integrity department accepts the following involving staff disciplinary report:

(1) solicit or accepting bribes;Violation of accepting gifts or hospitality;

(2) an illegal investment, registration and bearing network vendors, merchants, and partners;

(3) reveal company confidential information, etc.;

(4) seek personal gain by taking advantage of their office.

(5) other violation of regulations and laws.

sill bearing networkwork integrity report mainly for internal employee misconduct.We hope you take real-name reporting, we promise will strictly protect whistleblowers, report and the content is strictly confidential.Report content must be objective truth.To initiate an investigation and conclusion of the report, we will according to the feedback you leave contact information.

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